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I’m a one-man show with the ability to tell stories in any facet. I’ve gathered experience in everything media, whether that’s needing someone in-front or behind the camera. Do want to start a podcast? a vlog? a blog? market your product on facebook? video production? capture assets for social? professional photos etc…. you get the point…

How I work…. it starts with a conversation about your needs & requirements. I love to provide custom media solutions so clients only pay for what they NEED/WANT.

Example: You love running your company’s Twitter account, but you need assets for other social channels and a short video production for a Facebook marketing campaign. Well, it makes no sense for you to pay someone to run your Twitter ( I know I hate paying for things I don’t need), so my custom media solutions will compliment your strengths and eliminate your media weaknesses. From there we chat about your requirements & I provide you a custom media solutions package that is developed specifically for you.

Let me help you get back to what you’re passionIT about. My custom media solutions will round out your business & get you to where you want to be. Let’s chat.

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The PassionIT Approach

 "Love what you do, establish real relationships  And create content that's so good, no one can ignore IT."