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Social Media Management

Social Media Management Services

These are just a few of the many social media management services we can provide to your business.

Our custom media solutions are just that, custom. Pick and choose what services you need and you only pay for what helps your business.


Dedicated Account Manager

Eliminate that "OH I FORGOT GOT TO POST" feeling that you get at like 8pm because you had a life, business and family to run...we've all been there, and it's ok and that why we're here!

PassionIT Media can handle all your social media channels and give you "peace of mind" that your business' brand and channels will grow professionally, organically and overall, with a sense of value.

One of our two owners, yes, the owners will be running your accounts. This way you will have a personal line to the account manager who is showcasing your business to the world.


Brand Management

We handle your brand the way you want to and provide you strategic advice to growing and developing your brand to meet your short-term and long-term "dream goals"! 

Even if your brand has had some blemishes in the social media world, we can help turn that around and have your business thriving in the social world.

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Photo & Video Services

Have you always wished your business' channels had top quality photos and video, you know, like the ones you've seen all over social media.

Engaging followers is one key element to growing your following and converting a follower/user into a customer. PassionIT Media's professional photo/video skills will create captivating content that will make people stop and pay attention to your business/brand.

PassionIT Media's photo and video services can be included in your social media management package. Now you can enjoy your peace of mind from social media knowing professional and captivating content is be shown to the world under your brand.


Content Creation + Social Marketing

Taking and creating digital content that instills a sense of value is our number 1 goal.

We want them to stop and receive value (for example, a chuckle, smile, information, knowledge, discounts etc...).

All of our content provides "value." We don't like having our time wasted and so we ensure that we don't waste your follower's time. Content that provides value for the audience is a main reason why PassionIT Media and our clients have had success.



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